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Q:  Is it better to remove or abandon an oil tank?

A:  Typically it is better to remove the tank if possible, the difference in price between a removal and abandonment is nominal, so if you have the option to remove the tank we would recommend you do.

Q:  How much does a typical oil tank removal/ abandonment cost?

A:  A basic oil tank removal/abandonment can start as low as $700 to $1,150 depending on permits, size of the tank, and location.

Q:  How much does a typical oil tank installation cost?

A:  This can run from $1,500 to $3,500 depending on size and location of the tank for basic installs.

Q:  If remediation is necessary, what does it entail?

A:  Remediation is the process of removing all contaminated soil from the property, preforming all soil tests, back filling the hole.

Q:  How much does remediation cost?

A:  Remediation is a costly but necessary step, and needs to be evaluated based on each individual situation.  But on average can run from  $3,500  to $ 7,500.

Q:  Is the NJ Grant Program still available?

A:  At this time the NJ Grant Program is no longer available.

Q:  How long does it take to remove or abandon an oil tank?

A:  This process is normally done in a day.

Q:  How long does it take to install a new tank?

A:  Installation usually takes a day, sometimes it will take longer if you are doing a two tank installation.

Q:  Who obtains permits if needed to do the installation or removal of my tank?

A:  We will obtain all the proper permits for your job, and also schedule all necessary inspections.

Q:  How long will I be with out heat and hot water?

A:  There should be minimal downtime, if any at all.